Brokers' workflows.

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Welcome to this new monthly Focus edition! March is brokers' month.

So, stick around if you are interested in discovering how one of the most vibrant actors in the market automates and streamlines his structured product management activity!

Depending on the broker’s activity, LexiFi Apropos can be used for many different purposes. The solution is suitable for all types of brokerage activities: from pure intermediation to back-to-back executions.

LexiFi Apropos is in essence the brokers’ database, not only for product booking but also for trade details. The software is used for its usual product and portfolio monitoring features and also to compute trade P&L. LexiFi’s quantitative engine in turn allows performing independent valuations and other pricing analyses including the identification of secondary market opportunities.

Perhaps, the most comprehensive use of LexiFi Apropos is organizing brokers’ activities and teams through workflows with defined user roles. While the most digitally innovative way of using LexiFi Apropos is to launch a web portal for clients to monitor their portfolios, run analyses, and download documents.

"LexiFi Apropos is really the crossroad for all our teams: on one side the sales team for everything related to product monitoring but also marketing, the engineers for all lifecycle management matters but also repricing, and all our risk teams for which LexiFi allows monitoring risks and limits."

Clement Xuereb, Digital Transformation Manager at Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions

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LexiFi Apropos offers independent quantitative analytics, as well as structuring features to test investment products beforehand. These include:

  • Independent valuation
  • New product structuring by solving for coupons or changing underlyings with LexiFi’s Solver or Underlying Optimizer tools
  • Portfolio sensitivity and optimization


This set of features offers all necessary tools to monitor products over their lifecycle, generate documents, analyze portfolios, manage trades and fees in a secured environment:

  • Automated document generation
  • Independent lifecycle event management
  • Custom notifications
  • Trade execution and administrative tasks:
    • Trade details recording
    • Log of issuer and client confirmations
    • Trade status updates
    • Margin and fee management (upfront, running, margin smoothing, etc.)
    • P&L allocation
    • Billing workflows initiation


At the bottom of the infographic, we show how brokers’ sales have access to advanced post-trade features, ranging from automated report generation to client web portals design:

  • Dashboards with automated lifecycle event notifications
  • Automated report generation and marketing document generation
  • Easy integrations with systems such as CRMs and web portals
  • LexiFi web application


Brokers’ back-office can be integrated with LexiFi Apropos to initiate billing workflows with necessary notifications.



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