Lifecycle management

The entire horsepower of our engine resides in Lifecycle management.

We grasp the industry’s craving for a feature managing a complex product’s lifecycle in an exhaustive way. This is not universally straighforward: products with embedded conditions, such as continuous barriers, require special monitoring capabilities. With Lifecycle management, we make the process cristal clear.

LexiFi Apropos detects and processes lifecycle events such as payments, fixings, options, early redemptions, barrier crossings and equity corporate actions and product definitions adapt automatically in response to such events. The software also measures the proximity of events, generates alerts, knows when a condition is met, records precise information on the circumstances surrounding the events and details their consequences. Users can receive alerts and send notification messages to clients, counterparties or colleagues upon the occurrence of lifecycle events or when certain product or portfolio metrics are reached. It is possible to manage the events of a selection of contracts in the contract manager page.

To inspect the lifecycle of each contract, the lifecycle events page, schedule page and manage page can be accessed. Lifecycle events that have been managed are recorded in the audit trail of each product and one can view the state of a contract at any point in time, such as for audit purposes or reconciliation of cash flows with counterparties. Even if fixings at a certain date are usually treated globally, they can also be different on a contract by contract level for example in the case where different calculating agents would achieve different results.

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Figure 1: The Contract Manager is available for the lifecycle management of some or all contracts

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Figure 2: Past events are recorded for each contract

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