We work closely with our customers to develop and maintain custom workflows answering organisational needs and constraints.

LexiFi’s framework indeed allows for precise and detailed workflow definition (e.g. trade validation rules, monitor and validate sates of database objects, constraints, user group rights, etc.). Examples of workflow customisation include:

  • Implement fully customised workflow processes

  • Configure precisely software settings to meet organisational and compliance requirements

  • Control securely user rights, data status and validation process

  • Customisable scripting commands: reduce user interactions and operational risk by using command-line interfaces to support batch processing and automate operations

  • Integrate seamlessly with external systems and automate the exchange of information

  • Control the data entering and exiting the system through application standard programming interfaces (API)

  • Send automatic notifications upon occurrence of events

  • Professional services offerings that covers all phases of a software acquisition project, from evaluation to ongoing system operation

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