Document generation

There is an easy way to save a considerable amount of time on the creation of your documents: LexiFi Apropos’ Document generation.

The feature automates the production of high-quality, dynamic and extremely customisable documents and reports, readily analysable by clients and exportable in many formats.

The software contains all imaginable tools for the designing and automation of the production of documents and reports based on any qualitative and quantitative data stored or computed on the fly.

Video 1: Generating a document for a single contract

Video 2: Generating Risk-on-Risk Report for multiple contracts

The creation of documents is template-based and relies on HTML/CSS language enriched with an expression sub-language (primitives to access data from the application, and some “programming” constructions such as conditionals or loops), which are standard technologies available in all organisations.

LexiFi Apropos’ document template tool is a powerful feature creating a complete automation of the production of the simplest to the most complex documents such as marketing material, client reports, risk reports or regulatory-compliant documents, in only a few seconds, consistent with our obsession with time reduction. The application instantiates the template either to final HTML documents or to high-quality PDF documents.

alt text

Figure 1: A dynamic post-trade performance report created with LexiFi Apropos’ document generator

alt text

Figure 2: Changes in the template definition are immediately reflected in an HTML or a PDF preview

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