Reporting Tools

View your portfolio at its very best…

Personalize your reporting view to match your needs and improve your monitoring activities with our alerts system. We provide powerful reporting capabilities thanks to the software’s information aggregation functions, which relies on the agility and flexibility of LexiFi’s core technology.

Reporting tools comprise fully customisable tables containing information available in the software’s database. Construct complex aggregated metrics using a broad range of built-in fields. This empowers you to create dynamic reports or ‘views’ meeting in-house specifications or regulatory standards. Reports can be generated on a per-contract, per-trade, per-book and per-party basis. In addition to constructing fields, reporting tools offer the ability to trigger price or risk computations directly from a view.

Improve the efficiency of your day-to-day management of portfolios and minimise operational risk with Reporting Tool’s alert option. The alerts can be in the form of format change, on-screen messages or emails triggered when user-defined thresholds are reached. Each client can implement additional custom notification and alert workflows to replicate or improve existing processes.

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Figure 1: The Contract Reporting tool allows users to create complex dynamic reports at contract level

Carry out operations and comparisons on quantitative metrics and actively and precisely monitor your portfolios.

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Figure 2: Pricing can be triggered directly in the view and results are readily available for analysis

Reports are exportable to Excel, PDF and HTML files and once satisfied with the form, users can automate the creation of documents containing these reports.

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Figure 3: Reporting views are readily exportable to Excel, PDF and HTML files

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