Event Notifications and Product Renewal.

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This monthly focus edition illustrates workflows and best practices that LexiFi users have implemented in order to improve their client services!

Event notification

In times of high market volatility, Bob remains calm as he is well equipped to be proactive and notify his clients about barrier crossings and price drops! He receives alerts from the Lifecycle Event Notification tool that:

  • Measures the proximity of events
  • Generates alerts

Bob sends these notification emails to clients, counterparties or colleagues upon occurrence of lifecycle events as illustrated below.

alt text

Event notification automation

Then, there is Lydia: she has completely automated lifecycle notifications as LexiFi’s software allows to send automatic emails upon occurrence of events.

The most attractive product

The Product Renewal report generates multiple suggestions to users: rolling the same structure, or picking from the current hottest products.

But in some cases you want tailored suggestions given specific constraints:

1- Let’s say you would like a product suggestion to meet a specific price, barrier or even parameters like “average lifetime.” LexiFi Apropos’ Solver & Variations uses LexiFi’s quantitative modules to calculate matrices of product parameters, thus quickly revealing suitable investment opportunities.

2- Or let’s say you have a specific product type in mind, but you are unsure about which underlying to choose. The Underlying Optimiser is designed to compare the prices of a product using different combinations of underlyings.

At the end of the day….

When suggesting a product renewal, it could be useful to get the big picture. LexiFi offers the opportunity to evaluate the impact of new products on a given portfolio. Reach out to LexiFi product specialists if you would like to know more about this tool!

Do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to know more about LexiFi’s lifecycle notifications and workflow automation. You may also visit the Lifecycle Management and Workflow pages on our website.

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