Trade management

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LexiFi Apropos offers a wide range of trade management features:

• Record or automatically import client and counterparty trade operations through the simple trade page, excel import or external source of positions. Dedicated entry-screens can also be built upon request, for example the multi trade page. The Trade Blotter page allows to view information on various trades.

Books allow users to organise trades according to their arbitrary criteria, for example one can create a book per salesperson. It is possible to view books from the perspective of any stakeholder, to value them using a pricing tool and eventually generate reports. It is also possible to organise trades through predefined trades selections, i.e. pre-saved filters on attributes of trades.

• From these set of recorded trades, LexiFi Apropos allows to compute positions from trades or to import and browse external sources of position through the External Position Blotter page. This allows all operations possible on single contracts to be applied on one or multiple contracts with associated time dependent positions like pricing, scenario analysis, greeks, VaR, cash flows and customised reporting views.

• It is possible to create selections of recorded trades which can be accessed from other pages, to inspect the cash flows and to generate a customised reporting view that quickly aggregates relevant information and instantly computes metrics. It is possible also to custom the post-trade workflows: control the product data and term sheets; process trades; synchronise relevant data with in-house systems; and interact with other stakeholders upon consummating a trade.

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Figure 1: Multi Trades’ simple interface to record new transfers

alt text

Figure 2: The Trade Blotter page is a comprehensive view of all the recorded trades

alt text

Figure 3: Trades on a contract can be viewed on a per-client basis

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Figure 4: User-defined views are available for dynamic trade reports

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Figure 5: Position Scenario page allows to inspect a set of positions under certain market data scenarios

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