Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions.

Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions: Digital Milestones

Over the last decade, Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions (KCS) had enjoyed a fast-paced growth. The variety of its activities along with the diversity of its product range made it essential to find an integrated structured products solution. The broker’s main strategic goal was to let its workforce focus on value-adding tasks and improve client services.

In August 2019, KCS came across LexiFi Apropos, a solution that seemed perfectly aligned with the broker’s objectives and specifications. KCS’ highly skilled teams combined with LexiFi’s 20+ years of experience in the derivatives industry have made LexiFi Apropos' implementation a success.

The following video interview with Clement XUEREB, Digital Transformation Manager at Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions, reports the broker’s main achievements with LexiFi Apropos, and more.

"LexiFi Apropos is really the crossroad for all our teams: on one side the sales team for everything related to product monitoring but also marketing, the engineers for all lifecycle management matters but also repricing, and all our risk teams for which LexiFi allows monitoring risks and limits."
Clement Xuereb, Digital Transformation Manager at Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions

One integrated solution KCS covers a diverse range of products across different regions in the world. Thanks to the genericity of LexiFi Apropos, all KCS’ teams work on one collaborative solution. Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions’ teams from all different departments work with a centralized solution where documents, reports, and pricing operations are quickly generated and easily automated. Reports dedicated to Kepler’s upper-management are now generated using LexiFi Apropos, thus, reducing administrative tasks.

"We have increased our productivity by rationalizing all our processes, as LexiFi Apropos has allowed us to automate many manual tasks, which in turn has reduced our operational risk allowing our teams to spend much more time on value-adding tasks."
Clement Xuereb, Digital Transformation Manager at Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions

An innovative web platform

In line with their fundamental client service values, KCS demonstrated high levels of creativity and adaptability by launching an advanced client web platform. KCS’ clients can now monitor their products in the platform, and access information about products’ lifecycle, including the probability of events such as knock-out barriers. Clients can also download marketing documents such as one-pagers and term sheets and have access to several reports and analyses. The broker is continuously working on perfecting and enriching its digital platform with LexiFi services team.

Name: Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions
Industry: Brokerage, Research

ABOUT KEPLER CHEUVREUX SOLUTIONS Part of the Kepler group, Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions is a leading financial institution offering research, design and commercialization of tailor-made structured investment solutions. Kepler Chevreux Solutions places research at the heart of its offering and services which are based on four pillars: cross-asset research; financial engineering; open architecture; and personalized follow-up. Its unique positioning allows it to meet the needs of institutional investors, asset managers, and distribution networks in Europe and Latin America.