Alexis de Bernis, Chief Technology Officer at Silex, speaks about Silex’s main achievements with LexiFi Apropos, and more

With headquarters in Paris and Geneva, SILEX Partners is an independent group that offers cutting-edge investment solutions to wealth managers. The company’s platform, my_SPARK, brings together all its digital advisory and wealth management tools. In the summer of 2021, SILEX selected LexiFi Apropos to complement its digital ecosystem with complete and efficient management of structured investment products. The following interview with Alexis de Bernis, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at SILEX, reports the company’s main achievements with LexiFi Apropos, and more.

Streamlining structured product management

One of SILEX’s objectives is to provide both its investment management team and clients with insights on tailored investment products through its my_SPARK platform. To achieve this, the company needed to model structured products efficiently and comprehensively. SILEX determined that LexiFi is the leading provider of investment management software for this purpose.

"To help our clients understand and automate their business, we had to model structured products in an efficient and complete way. This is a difficult exercise, and rather than reinventing yet another product model, we benchmarked the market and found that the best provider in this exercise is LexiFi."
Alexis de Bernis, CTO at SILEX

SILEX's sales and structuring teams use LexiFi Apropos to book all structured investment products and generate relevant documents. In addition, the software runs as a calculation engine that feeds SILEX's systems with product valuation metrics, life cycle event information, cash flows, and risk estimations. With its precise and exhaustive insights, LexiFi Apropos complements SILEX's expertise in repositioning tailored products within client portfolios.

LexiFi Apropos Integration: a spark from the start

my_SPARK is a cutting-edge platform developed in-house at SILEX’s Paris and Geneva offices, designed to provide real-time reporting and comprehensive portfolio analysis. To access a complete suite of precise functionalities for structured products, SILEX has seamlessly integrated LexiFi Apropos within my_SPARK. Leveraging LexiFi Apropos' Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture in the cloud, SILEX’s development team was able to avoid the complexities of infrastructure setup. According to SILEX’s CTO, Alexis de Bernis, LexiFi Apropos' template language is a valuable “toolbox” allowing to easily customize and integrate the software. Overall, the seamless integration of LexiFi Apropos has reduced the time to market for my_SPARK platform while controlling costs.

"LexiFi Apropos was easily integrated within SILEX’s digital ecosystem: we didn't have to manage maintenance, upgrades, and things like that, which can be quite expensive with expert software."
Alexis de Bernis, CTO at SILEX

Thanks to this strategic partnership, SILEX has been able to focus on providing its clients with the core value of its services through my_SPARK platform. These include delivering comprehensive portfolio analysis, optimized portfolio allocation, and expert wealth management advisory, all of which enable clients to adjust effectively to market fluctuations and changes in their risk appetite.

A Productive Business: favorite LexiFi tools and services

By leveraging LexiFi Apropos and streamlining operations, SILEX has significantly improved productivity and enhanced client services. Specifically, LexiFi Apropos has made product booking much simpler and more accurate.

"We have reduced booking errors by 80%. Booking complex structured products now takes much less time, especially with the PDF scanner tool that allows reading a term sheet to automatically get product information from it: that’s a big productivity gain!"
Alexis de Bernis, CTO at SILEX

SILEX teams have gained greater independence and higher efficiency in running structured investment activities. The structuring team at SILEX has access to a single tool for both pre-trade and post-trade activities, as LexiFi Apropos provides all the necessary functionalities for independent valuations, product simulations, margin follow-ups, secondary market monitoring, and document generation. LexiFi Apropos' reporting tools enable SILEX’s teams to respond to both internal and client requests with unparalleled efficiency. They proactively test new ideas and create custom dashboards with standard information as well as their own calculated metrics. Overall, SILEX benefits from LexiFi’s powerful integrated solution to quickly adapt to market movements and maintain a competitive edge.


  • PDF Importer: this tool allows to book products through a simple drag and drop of the term sheet PDF. The PDF Importer contributed to reducing booking time and errors and allowed SILEX to redirect development resources towards value-added projects related to wealth management and digital tooling.
  • Grid Reporting: SILEX generates custom reports and dashboards with easy access to functions and data. This allows the company to quickly respond to business needs and client requests.
  • Template Language: using LexiFi’s template language, SILEX’s experienced developers created a REST API and got descriptions in JSON that are easily integrated into the company’s modern architecture. When used with the Grid Reporting tool, the template language offers endless possibilities in terms of format, content, and approach.
  • Document Generation: LexiFi Apropos enables SILEX to automate the generation of various product documents, updated in the system in real-time with the latest information.

    "What impressed me the most with LexiFi is really the commitment of the teams. There is no gap between support, implementation, and development: we are quickly introduced to highly talented people. The commitment of LexiFi’s team is what makes the difference."
    Alexis de Bernis, CTO at SILEX

According to Alexis de Bernis, the most impressive aspect of this collaboration is the commitment of LexiFi's teams and their consistently high-quality delivery from the integration phase to the support services.


Name: SILEX Partners
Industry: Investment Management, Wealth Management Advisory, Digital Services


SILEX is an independent investment group that offers customized investment solutions and support to wealth managers throughout the investment process. The company combines human convictions with technology to provide open-ended and tailored investment solutions that leverage synergies across three business lines: Investment Solutions, Research & Development, and Asset Management. SILEX’s suite of quantitative digital tools, SPARK, is integrated into all aspects of their services, enhancing their offerings and providing valuable insights for their clients.