Private banks' workflows.

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Welcome to this Monthly Focus “Workflow” edition! April is the Private Banks' month.

So, stay with us if you are interested in discovering how LexiFi Apropos has helped private banks develop and automate workflows at their own pace and build a robust operational foundation to face regulatory pressures and enhance client services!

LexiFi Apropos finds great appeal among private banks: over 15 private banks today use our software solution. These institutions are usually looking to gain independence from product manufacturers, increase product transparency and enhance client services.

LexiFi Apropos’ automated notification, independent valuation, reporting, and document creation features have been game-changers. These have allowed private banks to automate manual tasks while increasing the frequency and quality of their client services.

Some of our clients also use LexiFi Apropos for advanced quantitative computations such as portfolio Value at Risk and secondary market pricing checks. The combined use of automated lifecycle event monitoring and pricing capabilities has streamlined the structured investment activities of our clients.

Some banks go as far as providing Relationship Managers with LexiFi web access to monitor portfolios and generate documents themselves.

"Since the implementation of LexiFi Apropos, Product Managers have access to timely product information and tools to produce and automate documents and reports that were not previously available. These reports have allowed the team to increase products transparency and gain investors’ trust while saving time and resources."

Pierre-Yves Druenne, Head of Product Management at Deutsche Bank Belgium

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There are many ways to book structured products in LexiFi Apropos. From the PDF drag and drop to manual booking with templates, LexiFi Apropos offers the possibility to centralize the bank’s structured investment activity in one powerful integrated solution.

"…The system [LexiFi] has the virtue of a total flexibility and allows to define complex contracts in a quite easy, intuitive way."

Marc Philippe, Staff Member, Support Reporting Financial Valuations, Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat Luxembourg


Structured Product Specialists significantly reduce manual tasks, gain momentum, and enhance client services thanks to:

  • Dashboards to keep track of product and portfolio metrics, act quickly and anticipate market movement consequences:
    • Identify and manage lifecycle events, such as fixings, options, payments, early redemptions, barrier crossings, and corporate actions
    • Enjoy fully customizable and action-oriented dashboards with links allowing to swiftly access reports, download documents and trigger notifications
  • Alerts and Notifications to stay confident through volatile markets:
    • Receive products and portfolio alerts and send automatic or semi-automatic email notifications to stakeholders
    • Lifecycle event alerts can be set for upcoming, realized, and even possible events with metrics such as distances, probabilities of occurrence, or average values
    • Define custom product or portfolio thresholds to generate specific alerts and notifications
  • Creative analytics and product design tools:
    • Easily identify products close to maturity and benefit from an automatically generated renewal suggestion list with relevant documentation
    • Run what-if analysis and simulations to clearly present risks and rewards to clients
    • Access interactive reports such as the Sensitivity Analysis report which allows adding/removing products to immediately observe the consequences on the portfolio’s risk


"The simplicity and flexibility of LexiFi’s document templates are unbeatable and have no equivalent in the market. Documents can be perfectly adapted to any operational process."

Frederic Lehner, Vice President – Structured Products Advisory at Lombard Odier

LexiFi Apropos allows automating the production and generation of reports and documents. The tool offers many ready-to-use templates.

To answer regulatory or specific internal reporting needs, users may also create or customize reports and documents with the help of the LexiFi Product Specialist team.

Reporting and document generation tools give access to all the information in the database and almost all LexiFi Apropos features including quantitative routines.


  • Trigger on-the-fly pricing or risk computations directly from a report view
  • Benefit from user-friendly, highly customizable “views” to specifically fit your needs
  • Set Alerts and notifications enabled with custom triggers and thresholds
  • Export to PDF or Excel for further uses
  • Connect with other banks’ systems through generic API and JSON/CSV exports


  • Benefit from up-to-date documents that are automatically updated to reflect the evolution of contracts or portfolios over time
  • Automate the generation of documents either interactively in a few clicks, through a batch processing job, or via a web service API on demand
  • Automate the transmission of documents to business partners through automatic emails or LexiFi web


  • Monitor product and portfolio values using LexiFi Apropos models
  • Track the performance of products and underlying assets
  • Compare results with issuer prices


To provide Relationship Managers with a web portal, banks may use their existing web platforms or opt for LexiFi’s web offer. Both approaches are common among LexiFi clients.

Some clients seamlessly feed their own platforms using our efficient and documented APIs.

Other clients opt for the virtues of LexiFi’s web application that allows creating different user profiles to let business partners log in to the solution from anywhere and access up-to-date and accurate information on their portfolios.

Whether through an in-house web application, LexiFi web, or simply automatic notifications with relevant documents: when equipped with timely products and market information, Relationship Managers thrive as they:

  • Improve their knowledge of structured products
  • Respond efficiently throughout investors’ journey
  • Become proactive as opposed to reactive


Quick response, timely recommendations, and high-quality documents help build long-term trusting relationships with investors. Post-trade reporting not only provides investors with portfolio transparency but also insights to place future trades.

Some of our clients’ success stories

  • Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
  • Banque de Luxembourg
  • Lombard Odier
  • Pictet
  • Edmond de Rothschild S.A.
  • Barclays Wealth Management
  • ABN Amro
  • Neuflize OBC
  • Bethmann Bank
  • HSBC Global Private Bank
  • Natixis Wealth Management
  • Quintet Private Bank
  • Banque Internationale à Luxembourg
  • Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de L’Etat Luxembourg

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