LexiFi Web Application.

LexiFi Web Application is an online portal designed to work hand in hand with the LexiFi Apropos desktop application.

The web interface allows users to access a number of LexiFi Apropos features from interactive graphical contract simulations to non-trivial quantitative results and charts. LexiFi Apropos users can choose the features they wish to display on the web directly from their desktop application. The main objectives of this online application are summarized below:

Simplicity: access to LexiFi Apropos functionalities through a simple interface
Connectivity: connect from anywhere
Aesthetics: display a nice and modern interface, customizable graphic design
Accessibility: give access to partners and clients with the possibility to assign different roles (administrator, editor, reader etc.).
Flexibility: update and extend functionalities

LexiFi clients are notably using LexiFi Web to give access to their teams who do not need to use the full desktop application. Other clients leverage off the web app’ as a customer platform on which investors can check their portfolio’s characteristics and PnLs or download documents. Other use cases are possible as LexiFi Web is meant to be customizable according to clients' business needs.

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Figure 1: Example of a LexiFi Web Homepage. Contracts and ratings presented above are simulated for illustrative purposes only.

alt text

Figure 2: Multi-site use case.

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Figure 3: Multi-team use case. 1 Trade/Product capture, 2 Portfolio performance, 3 Reporting, 4 Documents, 5 Pricing, 6 Analytics, 7 Lifecycle, 8 Structuring, 9 Configuration and administration.

alt text Figure 4: Trade idea designed and sent via the platform through a click.