Lifecycle Management.

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This Monthly Focus edition is about lifecycle management. LexiFi will be diagnosing your products to identify and treat events. We will then provide you with all details and help you notify the concerned parties.

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Your products under intensive care

LexiFi’s lifecycle management tool detects and processes events such as payments, fixings, options, early redemptions, barrier crossings and equity corporate actions for all your products:

  • Notifying option exercises
  • Notifying barrier crossings
  • Validating cash flows and physical deliveries
  • Applying Corporate Action adjustments
  • Retrieving fixings and saving it for audit purposes
  • Allowing for operations on the contract’s Audit Trail (it is possible to undo or cancel past events)

Equal opportunities

LexiFi’s lifecycle management functionality does not discriminate based on product type. The tool is actually ready to process any product that is entered into LexiFi’s system offering it the best treatment regardless of its level of complexity and asset class.

Constant monitoring

We give you normative information on your products' health.

LexiFi Apropos:

  • Measures the proximity of events
  • Generates alerts
  • Marks when a condition is met
  • Records precise information on the circumstances surrounding the events
  • And details their consequences

A detailed prescription

It goes without saying that reports will be visually effective and interactive. Reports prescribe the actions to be taken and make it as easy as possible for you to act on it! For instance, it is possible to customize alerts and generate emails directly from the system.

Report example:

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Synchronization is key

LexiFi’s technology defines payoffs using an algebraic representation. Product definitions adjust automatically in response to lifecycle events. These definitions are consistent throughout the whole system.

As a consequence, other functionalities such as pricing, reporting and document generation are perfectly synchronized with products' lifecyle.

How are contracts treated in LexiFi?

LexiFi’s contract description language has been carefully designed to allow a contract to be specified from a limited number of combinators only; then, these combinators are assembled to define more and more complex contracts.

As illustrated in the image below, this approach is similar to the usual algebraic expressions we learned at school (numbers, addition, multiplication, parentheses for grouping, unknowns, etc.). All algebraic expressions are built from basic blocks combined together in well-formed ways.

If you want to know more about the treatment’s functioning in a simplified way, please refer to a presentation that Dr. Eber has previously given at a conference. You can find it by clicking on the image below.

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If you or someone around you is having a lifecycle emergency, dial the: +33 1 41 10 02 66

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