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Welcome to the second edition of our Monthly Focus! This newsletter will shed some light on the use and objectives of LexiFi Apropos modules.

This month it is about LexiFi Web: an application developed to work hand in hand with Apropos Desktop. The objective behind this development is to make LexiFi accessible to those teams in need of a subset of Apropos Desktop modules. LexiFi Apropos Desktop users can choose the desired functionalities and set up a tailored web portal.

Once set up, LexiFi Web makes it possible to create different types of user profiles allowing your business partners to connect to the platform from anywhere in the world with a simple username and password.

alt text

Figure 1: Apropos Desktop contains more complex functionalities, and allows to configure LexiFi Web as well as set up different LexiFi Web user profiles (editor, read-only, etc.).1 Trade/Product capture, 2 Portfolio performance, 3 Reporting, 4 Documents, 5 Pricing, 6 Analytics, 7 Lifecycle, 8 Structuring, 9 Configuration/Administration.

The content as well as the look and feel of your web portal are customizable. Below is an example of what your LexiFi web homepage could look like:

alt text

Figure 2: Contracts and ratings presented above are simulated for illustrative purposes only.

Why is LexiFi Web useful and how is it currently used?

The direct benefits of the app are: accessibility, process optimization and connectivity. Our clients have different ways of using LexiFi Web depending on their needs. Please feel free to reach out as we would be glad to tell you more. In the meantime, you may find below some insights:

  • Clients: LexiFi web is used as an interface where investors log in to check their portfolio’s performance and download documents
  • Relationship managers: RMs usually generate and send emails of trade ideas that they design on the platform, saving time from lengthy emails and messy calls
  • Advisory teams: reports, documents, pricing and product captures from different advisory teams around the world are being accessed through the same database

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