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Welcome to this Document Generation Monthly Focus edition!

LexiFi users automate the production of any type of document ranging from the simplest to the most complex: summary of terms, term sheet, client reports, performance reports, KID and risk reports.

We will explore the document generation feature and provide a top 5 of the hottest documents according to LexiFi’s clients!

Document generation efficiency

  • Full automation: documents may be generated either interactively or:

    • through a batch-processing job
    • on demand through a web-service API

  • Dynamic and up-to-date documents: documents reflect the evolution of contracts through time. Calculations can be done directly in the document template. Moreover, the document generation feature allows to get analytical results and execute computations: e.g. retrieve underlying values and calculate a performance, etc.

    • Documents may aggregate information from several sources:
      • product parameters and attributes
      • past and future contract events (e.g. barrier crossings, redemptions, fixings, cash flows or corporate actions, etc.)
      • what-if scenarios
      • user-defined and calculated attributes
      • historical and current market data from authorized sources
      • external data sources
      • any stored information in the database such as analytics results

  • Analysis triggering: document generation triggers on-the-fly almost all LexiFi features including quantitative routines. Hence, users obtain results from any analytics available (e.g. Monte Carlo analysis, graphical simulations, backtests, stress tests, barrier crossing probabilities etc.)

Automate document generation

Many users have conveniently automated their document generation processes! This automation includes the production and transmission of documents both to clients and internally; through automatic emails, or as uploads to LexiFi web.

  • Some clients have programmed product event notifications with relevant documents to be sent automatically by email to their clients.
  • Others have automated the upload of documents to the company’s CRM. A further example is the automation of the upload of product documents to the bank’s intranet.
  • LexiFi web users generate all kinds of documents through the web portal access.

Customize it yourself or with LexiFi’s services

LexiFi empowers advanced users with tools to create and customize documents on their own. Users own full control over the documents’ content as well as the layout and visual aspects. To simplify the customization process, we have developed a user-friendly “studio” with all necessary tools to easily edit, debug and preview changes in real time.

Documents may be generated in HTML among other formats (to allow for a quick preview, or direct display on a website) or in high-quality paginated PDFs. A template may also include variations that depend on the target format.

If not suitable, we offer document customization services to provide users with tailored templates.

The hottest documents

The software includes several ready-to-use document templates, in which you would just need to add your logo. We have put together a ranking of the most wanted documents of LexiFi’s clients. You may click on any screenshot to take a closer look!

1. The Essential

This document has become a standard and a benchmark in the industry. Therefore, we now provide it by default for a large selection of product types.

alt text

2. The Summary

More detailed than the generic document yet easier to understand than a term sheet: the summary of terms provides the right amount of information about the product’s underlying(s), mechanism and risks!

alt text

3. The Informative

We make it accessible, fast and easy to generate the KID in LexiFi as it is an essential document for our clients!

alt text

4. The Concentrated

Another popular report is the Client Risk Concentration report which presents portfolio stress test results as well as the concentration of a given portfolio in an underlying, a sector or a region.

alt text

5. The Screenwriter

The fifth place goes to this risk document which allows for a better understanding of the product’s potential through various market conditions.

alt text

This document is also available in Chinese for Accumulators! In fact, users can generate documents in any language, from Chinese and Cyrillic to even Klingon and Dothraki!

alt text

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