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An integrated work environment speeds up information processing and reduces operational risk. LexiFi Apropos easily integrates with your proprietary or third-party systems. This Monthly Focus provides a workflow example and more details about LexiFi Apropos integration alternatives.

Buy-side workflow example:

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No matter your type of institution, LexiFi Apropos adapts to your work environment. You can connect LexiFi to your trading system, import market data using built-in connectors or flat files, get client positions from Core banking systems or CRM, compute risk metrics in LexiFi Apropos to run within your global risk management tool. It is also possible to connect your own web platform, although LexiFi Apropos is also available as a web application.

How is LexiFi Apropos connected?

LexiFi Apropos allows synchronizing its reference or computed data with external systems.

  • APIs to market data providers (such as Bloomberg, Refinitiv, etc…), requiring no special integration and connecting directly upon installation.
  • A web API allows users to send HTTPS requests to get data from LexiFi Apropos server. Requests can be made through reports and documents. The web API returns such data in JSON format for instance, which can be used by other applications.
  • Automatic import-export of product and trade data is possible with standard formats (*.txt, *.csv, *.xls, *.xml, *JSON).
  • LexiFi is integrated with email systems so that users can set automatic email alerts, or generate emails with attached documents and reports.
  • We are working with tier-one organizations to build standard XML exports that can be exchanged between different stakeholders (such as clients, issuers, and partners).
  • We offer custom development services to link LexiFi Apropos to your in-house systems (like back-office tools or trading systems).

Get the flexibility to keep your current systems while accessing a software solution that has been specialized in derivatives and structured investment products for over 2 decades.

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