Integration and customisation

Our first principle of client centricity is embodied by our teams’ efforts and our technology, dedicated to the growing of LexiFi Apropos into your own in-house eco-systems.

Our passion is simplicity, especially for the integration of systems:

  • We provide tools and services to meet distinct client requirements, including: integration APIs; an Extension Kit for adding financial instruments, pricing models, product and portfolio analytics, and processing capabilities independently from LexiFi; an impeccable professional service that covers all phases of a software acquisition project, from evaluation to ongoing system operations; and a complete technology and knowledge transfer program

  • We enhance the coverage of structured products in existing systems by accessing the LexiFi solution in server mode or by embedding LexiFi components in the in-house applications

  • We enable full automation. Operations may be generated either through a batch processing job or interactively. They may even be produced on demand through a web service API. Automatic jobs are systematical tailored to fit clients’ requirements

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