Custom view inputs.

View Inputs let users add the fields or filters of their choice to documents or web pages.

LexiFi users have access to template-based documents and web pages. These templates rely on HTML/CSS but also primitives to access data from the application, and some “programming” constructions such as conditionals or loops. Our template technology allows users to access any quantitative or qualitative data and operations in LexiFi Apropos, on the fly. “View Inputs” are used to refer to such operations as well as objects with associated attributes. These” Views” are then displayed in web pages or documents via an interface destined for users’ “inputs.”

The custom View Inputs interface allows users to change the context of a document or page without asking for a new template or software configuration. The interface is created by clients who select relevant fields or filters. Once set, it enables to edit contents, compute metrics, run operations and see the changes in the documents/pages, live!

Custom “View Inputs” allow populating structured product and derivatives and portfolios documents/pages with the right information for every situation quickly and efficiently. This also reduces the need to have several templates.