Alongside the strength and flexibility of the underlying technology, the full power of LexiFi Apropos is exploited through its ability to communicate with external systems.

LexiFi Apropos controls the data entering and exiting the system through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which allows for several levels of communication. The standardisation of communication between business lines dramatically increases efficiency by simultaneously speeding up information processing and reducing operational risk.

  • It is easy for the software to synchronise the system’s reference data with external systems. LexiFi Apropos offers an out-of-the-box link with the APIs of many market data providers (such as Bloomberg, Eikon, etc…), requiring no special configuration and connecting directly upon installation. We also offer communication development services between the software and in-house systems (like back-office database or trading systems).

  • Without any further adjustments, an automatic import-export of product and trade data is possible with standard formats (*.txt, *.csv, *.xls, *.xml). The wide variety of “flat” formats that LexiFi recognises expands the range of external systems that it can connect with.

  • We are working with tier-one organisations to build standard xml exports that can be exchanged between our different stakeholders (such as clients or issuers). Our ambitious goal is to streamline operations from product design in the investment bank to report generation for clients of buyside institutions.

  • A LexiFi Apropos-Excel link is also available, exporting our software’s quantitative power inside the Excel environment.

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Figure 1: LexiFi-Excel link allows calling quantitative functionalities inside an Excel worksheet

One can access LexiFi Apropos through a web browser, as most of its generic GUI technology has been transposed to a HTML5 backend. The software’s features can therefore be provided as a webserver, from complex pages like instrument parameters, interactive graphical contract simulations to non-trivial quantitative results and charts. More details are available on demand.

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Figure 2: LexiFi Apropos can also be accessed through a web browser

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