Quintet Private Bank.

Fabrice Todeschini, Group Head of Global Structured Solutions, explains the success of the collaboration between Quintet Private Bank and LexiFi.

The Luxembourg office of Quintet represents the “central intelligence unit” for the bank’s structured investment activities. The bank serves internal clients, private investors, and institutional investors with a diversified offer across all asset classes.

Behind the success of nearly a decade of collaboration with LexiFi

In the autumn of 2015, Quintet Private Bank licensed LexiFi’s technology primarily as a pricing tool to comply with valuation regulatory requirements. It didn’t take long for the bank to realize that LexiFi Apropos could be much more than a pricing engine. Today, LexiFi’s software is used by the bank’s traders, structuring team, risk managers and middle office analysts.

"We are very satisfied with the software because of the diversity of payoffs that it is able to calculate and price."
Fabrice Todeschini, Group Head of Global Structured Solutions

Once integrated within Quintet systems, LexiFi Apropos has become a key asset for the bank's structured investment activities. The secondary market team computes independent pricing on a daily basis up to product's maturities. The Risk Management team has automated the computation of the VaR and the HVaR for the entire portfolio, as well as sensitivities and other quantitative metrics. LexiFi also generates inputs and support services necessary to generate FRTB computations.

The bank then uses LexiFi Apropos for both the generation and automation of the Key Information Documents (KIDs) for its own issuance program, with all required metrics such as the SRI (Summary Risk Indicator), MRM (Market Risk Measure), CRM (Credit Risk Measure) and scenarios.

"What reinforces us in being supported by LexiFi in our day-to-day activity is its flexibility and its capacity to answer our specific needs. Our business is a custom build business, and in front of us, we have a partner who knows how to meet our custom needs."
Fabrice Todeschini, Group Head of Global Structured Solutions

The Structured Solutions team has automated the generation of product term sheets. The team is pleased with the reporting capabilities of LexiFi's solution. Quintet clients regularly receive performance reports of their structured investment portfolios, and the bank also produces ad-hoc performance reports on demand using LexiFi's Reporting tool.

There are several factors that contribute to Quintet's loyalty to LexiFi over the past decade. The software is powerful and highly flexible, which has allowed the bank to efficiently resolve almost any issue that occurred, while seizing many opportunities that arose. The tool is highly customizable, enabling Quintet to tailor it to their specific needs and those of their clients.


Name: Quintet Private Bank
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Founded in 1949, headquartered in Luxembourg and operating under the supervision of the European Central Bank, Quintet serves wealthy individuals and their families, as well as a broad range of institutional and professional clients, including family offices, foundations and external asset managers.