Deutsche Bank Belgium.

Deutsche Bank clients and product managers are delighted with LexiFi Apropos reporting tools convenience and transparency

Deutsche Bank team in Belgium was looking for a system allowing to both track and communicate product lifecycle events. Their main motivation was to increase structured products transparency as requested by both investors and regulators.

"LexiFi Apropos answers our clients’ need to autonomously follow-up with their product evolution from their secured online banking account in a timely and transparent fashion. It’s a really beautiful tool for this purpose."
Pierre-Yves Druenne, Head of Product Management at Deutsche Bank Belgium

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Transforming the client experience: lifecycle event management and automated reporting documents

In spring 2012, Deutsche Bank started using LexiFi Apropos as a central product repository and a lifecycle management tool. Both Deutsche Bank clients and Sales were delighted with the new possibilities that the solution has brought.

Since the implementation of LexiFi Apropos, Product Managers have access to timely product information and tools to produce and automate documents and reports that were not previously available. These reports have allowed the team to increase products transparency and gain investors’ trust while saving time and resources.

Traditionally at Deutsche bank, Product Managers would produce monthly reports for Relationship Managers to provide to their clients, upon request. Thanks to LexiFi Apropos, the bank has transformed the client experience by shifting to a more timely and engaging approach: reports are automated and made available directly to clients on a monthly basis. Clients check their product portfolios lifecycle reporting documents autonomously via their secured online banking accounts. They can now easily follow-up with their product underlyings levels, fixings, and any event affecting their product payoffs.

Product managers are pleased with LexiFi reporting tools’ setup. It makes it easier to communicate product performance information to Relationship Managers and ensure that clients have a deeper understanding of their investment choices.

Flexible and customizable reporting

Another aspect that Deutsche Bank Belgium team highly appreciates is the extent to which users can customize reporting outputs. The flexibility of LexiFi Apropos reporting tools not only allows to produce client reports but also internal ones.

LexiFi reporting tools consist of fully customizable tables with access to all information and quantitative functionalities available in the software’s database. For example, Deutsche Bank upper management reporting became an easier task thanks to the possibility to aggregate data across different departments in several regions. The team constructs aggregated metrics and triggers computations within the reporting views. Hence, once the reports are set up in LexiFi Apropos, time-consuming tasks are now automated and produced almost effortlessly.

"LexiFi Apropos reporting tools enable us to efficiently produce and communicate product and portfolio information both internally and to clients, which increases the transparency of structured products."
Pierre-Yves Druenne, Head of Product Management at Deutsche Bank Belgium

Complying with regulations: LexiFi Apropos pricing tools for OTC product pricing

Deutsche Bank started to use LexiFi Apropos pricing tools to cross check OTC products secondary market prices. These secondary market price checks went smoothly thanks to the genericity and accuracy of LexiFi pricing tools. Deutsche Bank International Private Bank Belgium’s Head of Product Management, Pierre-Yves, reports that LexiFi pricing tools’ genericity is the most impressive aspect about LexiFi Apropos.

"LexiFi delivers tools that enable to manage structured products from the issue date until maturity, including secondary market pricing! The amazing variety of functionalities allows to follow up with products throughout their entire lifecycle."
Pierre-Yves Druenne, Head of Product Management at Deutsche Bank Belgium

Name: Deutsche Bank, Belgium
Industry: Advisory in financial savings & investments, and Wealth Management
AUM: 25 Billion euros as of 2019

Deutsche Bank is positioned as the bank of reference for saving, investment and wealth management advisory services. Deutsche Bank Belgium has experienced uninterrupted growth since its establishment in Belgium back in 1999. Assets under management amount which to over 25 Billion euros as of 2019, have quadrupled in the last 10 years, placing the bank in the top 10 among its peers in Belgium. The bank distinguishes itself by its innovative client services approach. The level of customer satisfaction and the bank’s reputation are also among the best in the Belgian market.