Responsibility towards our employees

LexiFi strives to be an attractive employer by promoting diversity and equal opportunity in an international and highly qualified environment.

We encourage professional development, believe in open and efficient communication, and cultivate a supportive culture in order to increase women’s inclusion.

We aim at creating a positive and harmonious working environment by providing high standard office spaces and high quality equipment, and by continuously improving the wellbeing at the workplace.

Social responsibility

LexiFi has been supporting La Pommeraie, a residential center providing a home for disabled people, since 2014. La Pommeraie aims at creating a stimulating environment where every person actively takes part in society. Many art and craft workshops and sports facilities give the residents the opportunity to pursue an individual project and find a purpose in life.

Michel Dave, acrylic marker on paper, La Pommeraie, 2009.

We also sponsor the TT16, a Table Tennis Association which contributes to the development of the sport Ultimate Ping*, and puts particular emphasis on the promotion of equal opportunities and Franco-German relations. We are proud to have held the first ever Ultimate Ping tournament, the “1er Open international LexiFi” in June 2016 and look forward to supporting this sport in future.

*Ultimate Ping is a relatively new racket sport which originated in Germany over ten years ago, and is inspired by a mix of table tennis, tennis, squash and badminton. Ultimate Ping is a fast game that is played on four ping pong tables joined together, with the same rackets as in table tennis and a higher net.

1er Open international LexiFi, 2016.

Environmental responsibility

We aim at reducing the environmental impact of our operations by avoiding waste, using eco-friendly equipment and office supplies, and operating a car fleet with an increasing number of electrified vehicles.

  • 100% of the printing paper we use is recycled
  • 90% of our invoices are sent by email
  • An electronic document management system is currently being tested and will further reduce paper consumption

Our offices are located in modern and resource-efficient premises: the ETIK-building in Boulogne-Billancourt, which has received various certifications* for environmental responsibility.

* HQE (High Environmental Quality): this certification follows a comprehensive approach that allows to construct energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings and to create comfortable interior spaces. BBC building (Bâtiment Basse Consommation): a building whose conventional consumption in primary energy is 80% lower than normal regulatory consumption.

LexiFi • 892 rue Yves Kermen • F-92100 Boulogne-Billancourt • France