Software Development Internship.

LexiFi is looking to hire one or several interns to work on a variety of projects.

Job Description

As a software development intern at LexiFi you will be part of the core development team, which is in charge of creating and maintaining LexiFi’s innovative software stack. This includes user-facing products, backend components, infrastructure libraries and internal tooling.

The vast majority of our code base is written in OCaml, a wonderful multi-paradigm programming language.

We have a variety of possible internship topics, going from standalone tools or libraries (and we are always keen on open-sourcing such projects) for students who are more interested in the technology itself, to more business-oriented topics for students with an interest in our business area (structured financial products).

With LexiFi you will have the opportunity to work in an international environment in a rewarding and stimulating position. LexiFi invests a significant part of its revenue in R&D and in code-quality efforts, making it a perfect match for the developer in love with beautiful code and innovative solutions. As an intern, you will be in contact with experienced developers, some of them contributing to the development of OCaml itself.

Example of internship topics (non-exhaustive list!):

  • Improve our PDF scraper stack (a component that extracts contractual terms from PDF documents): improving generic algorithms and heuristics (better support for headers/footers elimination, table extraction, text flow recomposition), improving the non-regression infrastructure (now managing +20k PDF documents from a Git repository), improving specific feature extractions, adding some Machine-Learning spice to the system.

  • Improve Dune build system: better dependency tracking (Dune currently uses a naive algorithm to track dependencies that causes a fair amount of unnecessary recompilation).

  • Track sources of RAM inefficiency: using off-the-shelf tools from the community or creating new one to track RAM usage of our application and study ways to reduce it (revisiting some caching logic, tweaking some data structures or algorithms).

  • Improve logging and monitoring infrastructure across our cloud fleet: better “status dashboard”, with more finer-grained alerts, aggregating logs in a central place, etc.

  • Improve language support for a custom scripting language within Visual Studio Code.

What we offer

  • An engineering company which values technical expertise and development initiatives.

  • A modern, international work environment built on collaboration, flexibility and respect in a dedicated and motivated team.

  • An opportunity to grow your expertise with OCaml in an industrial context, working with experienced developers.

  • An opportunity to learn about a business area full of exciting technical challenges.


  • Familiarity with OCaml or a similar language, or a desire to learn OCaml.

  • Bonus points for:

    • DevOps experience and/or familiarity with cloud technologies.
    • Interest in the financial industry.

If you wish to apply for this position, please send an e-mail to with your resume and motivation letter attached.