Professional services offering


LexiFi enables prospective clients to conduct an in-depth review of key functional and technical topics before they engage in full-fledged project.


It is natural for clients to lack experience, especially in the early implementation stages of a new system for managing tailored derivatives. Depending on client needs, implementation services can include: project management, business analysis, design, system configuration, data migration, system integration (e.g., communication with upstream and downstream systems, access to market data and, if required, link with in-house valuation models), testing and deployment.

Financial engineering

LexiFi’s experienced financial engineers help clients to clarify pricing and risk management issues for derivatives and structured products and to implement robust, data and calculation intensive processes. LexiFi’s engagements typically cover:

  • Model selection and validation. LexiFi brings practical and theoretical knowledge to clients in order to: select pricing models and model parameters, retrieve market data, define calibration and curve building strategies, run valuations on relevant contracts/portfolios, analyse results and achieve consensus among stakeholders.
  • Calculation and reporting infrastructure. LexiFi helps client to optimise LexiFi Apropos’ setup for valuing large portfolios, running comprehensive scenario analyses and accessing auditable results.
  • Model development. LexiFi designs, implements and tests new pricing models and related calibration algorithms to meet specific client needs.


LexiFi partners with clients to jointly develop new capabilities that meet specific needs. LexiFi's engagements with clients vary in size, ranging from adjustments to existing functionality to large-scale software development projects.

Support and maintenance

Services designed to manage a running LexiFi Apropos installation comprise support (system, financial engineering, financial products, business processes), maintenance and upgrades.


LexiFi provides end-user training to ensure that the system's capabilities are properly and fully used, and technical training for installing, supporting, upgrading and extending LexiFi Apropos.

Technology and knowledge transfer

LexiFi offers a complete program for clients who wish to acquire the tools and skills to independently develop custom solutions with LexiFi Apropos.