Since 2000, LexiFi has been focusing on a core offering. With the insights and experience gained from developing, implementing and maintaining LexiFi Apropos and Instrument Box, LexiFi delivers customised services to enable clients to:
  • Scale. LexiFi’s service team helps clients to prioritise tasks, reduce implementation time, optimise the daily operation of LexiFi’s products, and find answers in unexpected situations. Direct access to expertise combined with the level of automation afforded by LexiFi Apropos enable clients to contain costs and reduce operational risks.
  • Differentiate. Enterprise software implementations supported by armies of consultants paid to apply “best practices” tend to erase differences among firms. LexiFi preserves the client’s singularity in two ways: (i) by enabling clients to free up key resources and focus on uncovering market opportunities and imagining new ways of doing business; and (ii) partnering with clients to bring new ideas to fruition with the help of software solutions designed to accommodate highly diverse needs.

LexiFi’s tailor-made services ensure that LexiFi Apropos holds true to its name: LexiFi’s experienced consultants provide the comfort of timely software implementations and upgrades that deliver relevant capabilities—which, in turn, enable users to delivery timely and relevant derivative-based solutions.

Professional services offering

LexiFi assists clients and offers peace of mind in all phases of their software acquisition.

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An original combination of enabling tools, techniques and skills

LexiFi’s clients benefit from an original combination of tools, techniques, and skills to make the most of their investment in LexiFi's software:
  • a software development approach that radically simplifies the development of sales support, trading, portfolio management, risk management and processing applications for derivatives and structured products;
  • an application framework that accommodates the diversity of financial products, business processes, and methodologies;
  • a repeatable implementation process;
  • automated systems to communicate effectively about support and features requests, on an ongoing basis; and above all
  • responsive consultants and engineers with expertise in theoretical and applied computer science, financial products, pre- and post-trade business processes, mathematical finance and risk analysis.