Service providers and software vendors

Thanks to LexiFi, software vendors and service providers give a new life to existing applications with full coverage of derivatives and structured products.

Complete coverage of derivatives and structured products

LexiFi's Embedded Solutions program helps service providers and software vendors to enhance existing applications with valuation, risk management and processing capabilities for financial derivatives and structured products.

Business challenges

  • Respond to unmet analytical and processing needs in derivatives and structured products.
  • Handle the diversity inherent in tailored products.
  • Enhance knowledge in a vast and complex area.
  • Rapidly develop and market value-added offerings.

Key features

  • Uniform representation of financial products - Use the same formalism for describing all products, on any type of combination of underlying(s), and use the same product definition to support all business processes.
  • Extensive financial instrument and pricing model libraries - Jump start your development with extensive libraries, developed and supported by LexiFi and delivered with source code, of financial instruments and state-of-the-art pricing models.
  • Open pricing framework - Leverage existing valuation algorithms and calculation platforms thanks to a clear separation among pricing-related data and services.
  • Automated contract management - Rely on a formal operational model to systematically detect and process contract events.
  • Integration APIs - Access contract management, valuation and risk management functions programmatically with minimal effort.
  • Rapid development of Microsoft .NET applications - Leverage type-safe, bidirectional bindings between MLFi and C# to rapidly develop Microsoft .NET applications.
  • Joint integration project, ongoing maintenance - Reduce technical risk with proven joint project management methodologies and tools, and ongoing maintenance services.
  • Embeddable IDE - Embed LexiFi's integrated development environment in your solution to enable your customers to independently extend their system.
  • Optional knowledge and technology transfer - Opt for a transfer of knowledge and technology to become fully independent.

Business benefits

  • Differentiate your offering and respond to unmet customer needs with full coverage of derivatives and structured products.
  • Significant reduction of time-to-market for supporting new financial products.
  • Deliver integrated solutions and limit project risk by combining your system's strengths and LexiFi's award-winning capabilities.
  • Build knowledge about derivatives and structured products.
  • Control your branding: market LexiFi-based solutions under your own brand or use the LexiFi name.
  • Choose the licensing option that best fits your business strategy.


Depending on your integration constraints and goals, LexiFi offers two products to suit your needs:

  • LexiFi Apropos: LexiFi's flagship end-user application can be customized to integrate smoothly into your own application. (A white-labeling distribution program is possible.) With this integration scheme, your application can quickly gain support for structured products, including all advanced features developed by LexiFi, without having to modify your application user interface or database, and with minimal impact on your own code base.
  • Instrument Box: LexiFi has packaged its core technologies into this component designed to be embedded in new or existing third-party applications. This integration scheme allows you to fully embed LexiFi's technologies deep into your application to provide a fully-integrated experience.