Private Banks

LexiFi has developed an integrated solution for the distribution of structured products designed for advisory teams in private banks who are dissatisfied with both ad-hoc spreadsheets and purely descriptive database applications.

Unlike general-purpose pricing software, LexiFi's solution addresses the specific needs of private banks that wish to offer timely and relevant investments, provide sound advice throughout the life of each product, and streamline operations.

Business challenges

  • Offer investment solutions adapted to each market environment.
  • Provide sound advice throughout the life of each product.
  • Streamline operations for inherently diverse product offerings.

Key features

  • Structuring – Quickly define new structures, without writing any code, and quantify precisely their risks and rewards.
  • Pricing – Use state-of-the-art pricing models and relevant market data to value structured products.
  • Product database – Create a central database of structured products.
  • Terms sheets – Produce high-quality, dynamic term sheets in the format and language of your choice.
  • Custom transactional workflows – Use a secure, uninterrupted process to automate the sourcing of products from investment banks and the exchange of proposals, quotes and orders with relationship managers and clients.
  • Secondary market control – Compare counterparty prices and in-house valuations, monitor barriers, measure realised product performance, provide qualitative and quantitative explanations, analyse potential performance and create high-quality reports.
  • Event management – Detect and process product life cycle events, including equity corporate actions.
  • Integration and customisation – Implement a solution tailored to your needs with relevant tools and techniques, and optional professional assistance from LexiFi.

Business benefits

  • Deliver timely and relevant investment solutions based on rigorous analyses.
  • Enhance pre- and after-sale service and gain investor confidence. LexiFi improves the skills, comfort level and advisory capacity of both product specialists and relationship managers by providing immediate access to relevant information throughout the life of each product.
  • Streamline operations, free up human resources and limit errors by automating time-consuming and error-prone pre- and post-trade processes.