Investment banks

LexiFi’s integrated solution for the sale of tailored derivatives brings agility and scalability to investment banks hampered by manual processes and heterogeneous, mostly spreadsheet-based structuring and sales tools.

Unlike document management and workflow systems, which lack financial intelligence, LexiFi’s solution combines analytical and processing capabilities to automate:

  • the design and offer cycle that leads to a sale
  • administrative tasks that follow a sale
  • secondary market activities

Business challenges

For the sales function, acquiring agility and scalibility in tailored derivatives means automating three business processes: the design and offer cycle that leads to a sale; the administrative tasks that follow a sale; and secondary market activities.

Key features

  • Central product database – Create an authoritative and up-to-date source of derivative product information.
  • Structuring – Accurately describe tailored products without writing any code and quantify their value, risks and rewards.
  • Pricing – Use in-house valuation algorithms and calculation platforms or LexiFi’s advanced pricing routines.
  • Client documents – Automatically create term sheets, legal documentation, performance reports and event notices in a variety of formats and languages.
  • Client workflows – Interact with clients to exchange proposals, quotes and orders using a secure, uninterrupted process, instead of e-mails.
  • Internal workflows – Automate price requests, export product data to in-house trading and processing systems, upload product data to the bank’s web site and import life cycle events from trading systems.
  • Third-party workflows – Interact with other stakeholders upon consummating a trade—e.g., apply for identification codes, apply for listing on an exchange, send product data to exchanges and to market data providers.
  • Secondary market advice – Calculate client positions, monitor barriers, control the performance of both products and underlying assets and explain the sources of performance.
  • Preferred link with clients – Distribute LexiFi’s buy-side software to clients in order to: (i) deliver original product proposals, data, analytics and processing capabilities in a consistent way; and (ii) help end-users and distributors to automate their own sourcing and sales processes.

Business benefits

  • Deliver relevant solutions within the window of opportunity.
  • Enhance customer service before and after the sale.
  • Contain costs and risks by eliminating sources of inefficiencies and errors.
  • Establish a preferred link with end-users and distributors.
  • Gain agility and build a business that scales in tailored derivatives.