Providers and distributors of structured investment products

LexiFi is the emerging leader in the new market for software solutions that support the sale, distribution and management of structured investment products. LexiFi fills a gap in sales automation that results from chronic under-investment in client-facing systems, when compared with trading and portfolio management systems. LexiFi has been working with key industry players to develop what is unquestionably the market’s most complete solution:

  • Unlike home-grown systems and other commercial offerings, LexiFi’s integrated software automates all client-related processes including structuring, pricing, sales, client care, portfolio management and operations.
  • LexiFi meets the needs of the following market participants: integrated providers who autonomously create and hedge tailored and flow products; providers who assemble products from constituents sourced externally; distributors who intermediate fully packaged end-user products; and treasury departments who issue structured notes.

Unquestionably the market’s most complete solution.

Designed specifically to support the sale and distribution of structured products.

Easy to configure.

  • LexiFi’s experienced service team ensures that the system rapidly supports client-specific products, pricing algorithms, documents, reports and workflows. LexiFi enables market participants to offer timely and relevant investment solutions, enhanced by distinctive pre- and after-sale service.
  • LexiFi’s solution is also designed to accommodate collaborative business processes linking providers, distributors, investors, exchanges, market data vendors and other stakeholders to streamline primary and secondary market activities.

The complete solution for structured products
Pre-trade, trade and post-trade automation

The system covers all client-related processes.

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LexiFi's solution enables:

  • investment banks to gain agility and scalability in tailored derivatives and to establish a preferred link with distributors;
  • private banks and other intermediaries to better advise clients, to improve after-sale service, and to streamline operations;
  • asset managers to create a central utility for the pricing and management of derivatives and structured products.