LexiFi Apropos

LexiFi Apropos is a software platform for the pricing and management of derivatives and structured products. Designed to serve as a system of record for non-standard transactions, LexiFi Apropos brings together all data and services required to develop, market and manage tailored financial solutions.

LexiFi Apropos addresses the needs of providers, distributors and users of custom derivatives who wish to gain agility and scalability. The system provides an authoritative source of data and shared analytical and processing services to help users to streamline their business.

Deployment options for every need

LexiFi Apropos may be deployed as:
  • an integrated application that implements end-to-end business processes;
  • a server acting as a shared utility in support of business processes managed by one or more other applications; or
  • an embedded component that enhances the functional coverage of an in-house or third-party application.


  • Deliver timely and relevant financial solutions based on rigorous analyses.
  • Enhance customer service before and after the sale.
  • Reduce operational risks and costs with a single system covering the development, marketing and management of derivatives and structured products.
  • Establish a preferred link with distributors and end-users.
  • Gain agility and scalability in tailored derivatives.
  • Enhance existing applications to provide full coverage of derivatives and structured products.


LexiFi offers pre-configured, yet flexible versions of LexiFi Apropos to meet the individual needs:

LexiFi Apropos supports key business processes for derivatives and structured products:

  • Structuring. Design distinctive investment, financing and risk transfer solutions with analytical tools that enable users to quickly define new structures, without writing any code, and to quantify precisely their risks and rewards.
  • Sales and client care. Automate the design and offer cycle that leads to a sale, administrative tasks that follow a sale, and secondary market advice. The system automatically generates dynamic term sheets, produces high-quality performance reports, creates alerts and notifications upon the occurrence of salient events and calculates client positions. Providers may create custom transactional workflows to establish a preferred link with distributors and end-users.
  • Trading. Accurately record the terms and conditions of tailored products in trading-quality entry screens and calculate prices with proven implementations of state-of-the-art valuation models developed by LexiFi or with in-house models.
  • Portfolio and risk management. Control cash flows, valuations, profit and loss, and risks at any level of detail, thanks to combined pricing and event management capabilities, centralised access to market data, specialised displays and reports, and a powerful scenario analysis framework.
  • Operations. Automate post-trade processes: the system detects and handles product life cycle events, including equity corporate actions, updates product definitions in response to such events, monitors barriers, facilitates the audit of realised cash flows, and calculates cash and security positions.

Structuring, sales and client care Portfolio and risk management Operations Infrastructure


LexiFi Apropos relies on innovative technologies which, used in combination, form the basis of a novel approach to software development that radically simplifies the creation of structuring, sales, client care, trading, portfolio management, risk management and processing applications for derivatives and structured products.