Event management and reporting

LexiFi Apropos automates the processing of trades and the life cycle management of tailored products. Client trades are entered interactively or imported from existing systems enabling to monitor client positions and provide sound secondary market advice.

Event management

Detect and process life cycle events such as payments, fixings, option expiries, barrier crossings and equity corporate actions. Product definitions adapt automatically in response to such events.

LexiFi Apropos adjusts derivative contracts following a corporate action: the system supports both the ratio method and the package method and enables users to inspect at all times the successive values of economic contract parameters (e.g., underlyings, levels, parities) and past fixings.

Product audit

Access accurate product records, from inception to maturity, inspect past events and audit cash flow calculations at all times.

Monitoring of life cycle events

Products with embedded conditions, such as continuous barriers, require special monitoring capabilities. The system measures the proximity of the event, generates alerts, diagnoses when a condition is met, records detailed information on the circumstances surrounding the event and details its consequences.

Monitoring of barriers
Monitoring of key metrics, alerts

Create custom displays with alerts to monitor metrics of your choice, such as the current distance to a continuous barrier.

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Alerts and notifications

Receive alerts and send notification messages to clients upon the occurrence of life cycle events or when certain product or portfolio metrics are exceeded.

Performance reporting

Measure the realised performance of existing products, provide qualitative and quantitative explanations, and analyse the potential performance of products in their current state with the following tools:
  • Performance measurement. Visualise the price history of products and underlyings, and calculate their respective performance over user-defined periods.
  • Qualitative performance explanation. LexiFi Apropos detects and processes life cycle events and adapts product definitions in response to such events. As a result, the system is able to precisely describe the economics of a product in each state, from inception to maturity, and to document the consequences of salient events. For example, in a Himalaya contract, the system records, on each observation date, the name of the best performing underlying and its performance.
  • Quantitative performance explanation. LexiFi Apropos also quantifies the contribution of key factors—i.e., the occurrence of contract events, the passage of time and changes in market data—to the change in value of a contract between two dates. When applicable, the analysis further breaks down the value of the contract into that of a theoretical zero coupon bond and that of an option.

    LexiFi Value change analysis
    Value change analysis

    Quantify the contribution of key factors to the change in value of a contract between two dates.

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  • Potential performance. Define and apply future scenarios for underlyings, and measure their impact on the potential performance of the product.

Realised and potential performance metrics are presented both in interactive screens and in high-quality performance reports that also list life cycle events and show their effect on contract parameters—e.g., restated levels and parities as a result of a corporate action managed with the ratio method; modified underlying following the application of the package method.

Performance report

Summarise current product data and performance metrics in high-quality reports.

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